Article 1: Styling the self online: semiotic technologization in weblog publishing

This article discusses the following topics:

  • The role digital platforms play in the correlation between self-expression, semiotic regulation, and the social construction of taste

Platforms that provide pre-made templates that are customizable and require little expertise from the user have allowed more users to:   

  • interact with others
  • create representations
  • design an online persona 

The true benefits of having the semitonic technology built into these online platforms, help the multimodal expression of different forms of online publishing. These publishers can go through different commercial and personal online databases, websites, and online applications. They also use CSS (Cascading Style Sheets ) to help display content.(Mastorostergios, 2019)

By having different semiotic technology, with different personalized stylings per the website, you can help this multimodal and user-friendly technology perform enabling content sharing and interaction among users. These forms of communication are used for styles and aesthetics that can be personalized for one’s personal page, or commercial website. These different aesthetics of Semiotic symbols can help users find different ways to use their online database and personalize it per their goal to create different creative online pages, websites, and blogs.

This gives users personal freedom of expression in different creative semitonic ways. They use the ability of these effective different aesthetic symbols to help connect them to their creative goals and content be displayed for others and communication tools within. Users may also use different plug-ins and widgets to help link different information and images that create a cultivating creative blog website or personal page. By having diversity through your themes and different semitonic symbols through aesthetics and different web page designs, you can incorporate different creative imaginations through WordPress and other online databases and websites. 

This can only help engage your users and give them a variety of different learning platforms to help increase engagement through your website or blog. This aspect of having different creative elements and aesthetic different somatic technology within your website can create an increase of viewers and interactions through your online database or blog. 

You can see the overall benefits of the concept of self-styling your different technology through developing digital aspects that can shape, self-expression and social construct. 

By having these web design practices throughout your WordPress, you can create a creative online database to help influence your articles through blogs and other engaging elements on your website. By having a platform with a lot of different self-style practices, you will find that having this social construct of taste will affect the increase of engagement that you will develop through, having these aesthetically pleasing elements throughout your creative blog.

Article 2: WordPress: A Content Management System to Democratize Publishing

WordPress has created the most popular CMS contact managing system which helps facilitate the publication and creation of digital content for their users. This website was developed to be a blogging platform which was published in 2003. Soon after this website helped produce products and scale different enterprise clients with complex needs touching on the e-commerce, multilingual, and mobile industry. By diving into these different industries, they created a lot of creative direction to develop the semiotic and different tools that this web application offers.

What press is organized by court components coded mixed with different procedural object-oriented programming techniques. This helps punctuality develop more object-oriented styles and helps different semiotic functions.

WordPress development has been very successful due to the flexibility of its software. This helps create the 30 different versions that WordPress has released. By having a goal of never striving to break their backward compatibility. This is unlike any other CMS at the current time. By focusing on major functions within their software updates they’re able to ID security patches and bugs to fix at each release improving with each new version.

WordPress is a multibillion-dollar business and this is indicated by their success and growth within the company. As stated before they have released new versions that help plug and fix major functionality within each version. Through offering many different semiotic tools they also have consulting services through plug-ins and extensions through WordPress functionality and theme customization they’re able to increase revenue through these added-on features.

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