"Keep Pets and People Together" Flyer
Keep People and Pets Together Campaign

The video “Muse 30: Pets and People Together” conveys an important message that pets and people belong together. The video was created in light of the Pets and People Together campaign which was launched in 2022 by Ad Council in partnership with Maddie’s Fund and the Humane Society of the United States. The campaign is meant to raise awareness on an important topic and encourage individuals to be generous toward the goal of keeping pets and people together. 

Video Conveys the Message By:
  • Showing a strong bond between a woman and her cat. 
  • Showing the concern the woman has for her cat when it is sick and she has to take it to the vet.
  • Another customer witnesses her sadness and concern. He then decides to donate money to the vet by placing bills into their donation jar.  
  • The vet receptionist shows gratitude to the man for donating. 
The Video is Conveyed Through a PSA Campaign
  • Public Service Announcements are an important component of communication campaigns.  
  • Known as social issue advertisements 
  • Messages are directed toward specific audiences and are meant to provide knowledge to the audience on a social issue. 
  • Can persuade in a variety of ways but mostly through provoking emotion.

Affect on Message Exception

The processing of PSAs can depend on the comparison of heuristic-enabled and heuristic-disabled. Heuristic-enabled individuals would base their evaluations more on their emotional response while heuristic-disabled individuals would base them more on logical thinking. Measuring a PSA’s effectiveness correlates with how well it convinces individuals to take the problem seriously. PSAs can be positively toned or negatively toned. 

Evaluating the Campaign as a Media Entity:
  • The video aims to provoke an emotional response to persuade its audience. 
  • The video includes a voiceover that encourages donating to a pet’s medical care as one of the many ways they can help families in their community. 
  • This video is targeted at individuals. that would have an emotional response to the bond between pets and people. The audience is shown how special the bond is between the woman and her cat. 
  • The video gives the audience knowledge of how important the bonds between pets and people are. The video shows the audience how sad the woman is when her cat is sick. 
  • The video shows how simple it is to help keep pets and people together if we are generous. The audience is shown an example they can follow of a man donating to the vet after he sees how sad the woman is over her cat being sick. 

Straightforward Message

Online streaming allows a quick and straightforward approach to conveying an important message to an audience. PSA’s aim is to prompt heuristic thinking and decision-making. These announcements are intentionally created as short clip that conveys a straightforward message. The video “Pets and People Together” is a thirty-second video that conveys a clear message about a specific topic. The video includes a voiceover that informs the audience through examples of how they can help families and their communities. The video was effective in addressing the affordances of online streaming by prompting heuristic thinking. The video aims to persuade and encourage its audience to help keep pets and people together through generous acts. PSA through online streaming has the ability to reach and persuade large audiences. 

Transfer of Knowledge

The video is able to inform its audience that help is needed in keeping pets and people together. The aim is to transfer the knowledge that was learned by the audience and apply it to their lives. The video does a good job of providing knowledge on how generous actions can be made to keep pets and people together. The video provides an example of a generous act by showing a man donating to the vet when he sees a woman that is upset over her cat’s sickness. The purpose of this is to encourage the audience to do similar generous acts in their lives to help keep pets and people together. 

Reach Wide Audience

PSA’s through online streaming can be advertised on a variety of platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. The same video can be posted on all of these platforms and reach a wider audience. 


The Role of Emotion in Persuasion 

Emotions must be evoked for persuasion to occur but more factors need to be present in order for a message to be accepted or rejected. The effects of fear on message acceptance are high and result in a positive association with perceived message acceptance. The video “Muse: 30 Pets and People Together” would not necessarily instill fear or a threat in the audience watching it which could lead to less message acceptance from the audience. 

Some emotions may enhance message acceptance while others may inhibit it 

PSAs are meant to provoke emotions, but they can also provoke collateral feelings meaning that the audience is feeling an emotion that was not intended by the creator of the PSA’s message. This could lead to the PSA’s message not being accepted in the way that the creator intended it to be. The way a person is feeling in the moment they come across an online streaming advertisement can impact the way they feel about the message, and therefore how they accept it.


Having the correct audience for a PSA’s message to be accepted and provoke change is very important. The video targets an issue and a specific topic relating to pets and the special bond they create with people. If the PSA through online streaming is reaching an audience that can not relate to the video in any way, it could not be effective in message acceptance. In order for this video to provoke emotion, the audience would have to have some understanding of the bond pets and people share, have compassion towards animals, or possess the empathy to care about the message. 

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